Assembly Members Urged To Play Active Roles In Development

Hon. Albert Akuka Alalzuuga, District Chief Executive for Garu-Tempane District, has called on members of the Assembly to play active roles in the deliberations of the Assembly.

Hon. Alalzuuga said this during the recent election of the Presiding Member for the Assembly.

He said the assembly made laws for the running of the district and if members played active roles as expected of them, they would be able to enact appropriate bye-laws to tackle issues on sanitation, health, education and other socio-economic concerns of the area.

Hon. Alalzuuga said the decentralized concept which is geared at promoting governance at the grass-roots level would go a long way to assist central government to achieve its stated development goals if they, the members, played active roles.

He said members of the Assembly are also expected to help in the mobilization of revenues since they would be able to sensitize their community members on the need to make regular tax payments.

Hon. Alalzuuga called on them to leave out politics when deliberating on matters at the Assembly or undertaking any responsibility on behalf of the Assembly.

Hon. Kolan John Yakubu, the newly elected Presiding Member, commended the Assembly members and assured them that he would use his office to deepen the development process.

He pledged to work with members to foster unity and promote peace among the people of the District saying it is important for members to consult the people and collate their views on matters pertaining to their affairs.

He said forging unity among the people in the area was his priority as it would create the needed development in the district.

Hon. Kolan, who is a teacher by profession, also called on the unit committee members and the traditional authorities to assist in improving the sanitation conditions of the area.

Source: GNA

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