Celebration of the 14th Edition of the Danjuar Festival in Kpikpira Community in the Garu-Tempane District

Traditional festivals across the world have played very important role in several spheres of life such as conflict prevention and resolution, promotion of cultural and moral values, fostering unity amongst people, tribes and ethnic groups across the world, an avenue to show case our culture and the value of our people to the rest of the world and a platform to appeal to NGO’s, Government, philanthropists, Civil Society Organisations for development and critical matters that confront us, as a people. The Danjuar festival is one of such occasions.
The theme for the 14th edition of the festival is “Using Danjuar as a tool for the creation of an enabling environment for youth and small scale business development”. It will interest you to note that this theme was meticulously chosen to match the current needs of the youth of Bimobas and the world at large.
Every society across the globe, if must be better, must rely on their youth who are the future leaders, and the activities that they are engaged in. It is in this light that the theme of the 14th edition of our Annual Danjuar is focusing on youth and small scale business development. The youth of Moak today can reach their full potentials in life by the support of us the current generation.
Bimobas ae challenged with under development, poverty, ignorance and disease, that notwithstanding, we have not thrown our hands in despair. The union has a Girl Child Education Program, which supports girls in Bimoba land and beyond to reach their full potential in life, but this has not gone without challenges. Due to financial constraints, the Girl Child Education program is on its knees hence is unable to fulfil its core objectives, even though well intended.

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